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Somali Week Festival 2011

Kayd Somali Arts and Culture, in collaboration with Redsea-online Cultural Foundation and other partners, are proud to present the annual Somali Week Festival. The festival, an integral part of the Black History Month celebrations, will run from Saturday 22nd to Sunday 30th October 2011 in London . The festival offers the best of Somali arts and culture, both old and new, presenting a mix of events including poetry, literature, music and panel discussions.

Through different artistic expressions, Somali Week Festival has explored a variety of themes over the last few years and has become a widely recognized and anticipated annual event in the UK , particularly among the local Somali community.

Theme of the Year: Translation

This year, Somali Week Festival 2011 will introduce the topic of 'Translation'. Translated works enable individuals to learn about a particular culture and its people. There is currently a severe shortage of Somali work translated into foreign languages and even fewer examples of world literature translated into Somali. It is this lack of cultural exchange that we wish to address by choosing translation as the theme of the year.

Somali Week Festival has again partnered this year with Redsea-online to publish several books on the topic and we are delighted to introduce to Somali readers: Animal Farm by George Orwell translated by M Y Cartan, and a selection of short stories of the renowned Russian writer Anton Chekhov translated by Said Jama Hussien, Mahamed Hassan Alto and Rashid Shiekh Abdilahi.

For this year's Somali Week Festival we are collaborating with the Poetry Translation Centre. Mahamed Hassan Alto and the renowned British poet, Sarah Maguire, are translating selected poems by the visiting poets. This work will be published together with contributions from I M Lewis, Sheila Andrzejewski, Anita Adams, and Jama Musse Jama in a new publication to commemorate and pay tribute to the significant role Muse Haaji Ismail (also know as Muse Galaal) has played in Somali culture and literature.

As tradition dictates, this festival will be a platform to exchange ideas and share knowledge. Somali Week will offer a unique opportunity for our community to meet and hold discussions with renowned visiting artists such as Mahamed Haashi Dhama 'Gaarriye', Ahmed Sheikh Jama, Georgi Kapchits, Amin Amir, Abdi Nasser Ma'allin Adiid, Abdi Haybe Laanbad, Jaama Kadiye, Saado Abdi Amare, Hure Walanwal and Jamaal Ali Hussien, Abdirahman Bawaaqo, Mahamed Gees, Ahmed Yusuf alongside British and other diaspora artists, writers and scholars such as Sarah Maguire, Rashid Sheikh Abdillahi "Gadhwayne" Dr Mpalive-Hangson, Jama Musse Jama, Mahamed Dahir Afrah, Martin Orwin, Anita S Adam, Aar Maanta, Amina-Milgo Mohamoud, Osman Abshir Egal, Aarmaanta, Ahmed Abdi , Maryan Mursal, Saed Jama, Mohamed Hassan Alto, Rashiid Sheikh Abdillaahi, Nadifa Mohamed, Idil Osman, Kaltuun Ba'ado, Nimo Yasin, Mohamed Aden, Said Shire, Sheikh Mahamoud Sheikh Dalmar, W.N. Herbert, Saada Mire, Hudaydi, Abdalle Osman, Sahra Ahmed and many more.

If you would like to obtain a ticket, volunteer for Somali Week Festival 2011, or have a stall at the festival, please email ayan_mahamoud@kayd.org or call 07903712949. For more information about the program click here to view the event flyer or visit www.kayd.org

Womens Environmental Network Autumn Gathering

It's time for the Women’s Environmental Network’s autumn gathering at St. Hilda's East Community Centre on Thursday 13th October. Please join us for the launch of the St. Hilda's East Food Co-op, food growing workshops, conversation and lunch! And don't forget to bring your extra/leftover seeds or spare seed you have saved from the garden to donate to the Community Seed Library - contact Tabitha at capitalgrowth@wen.org.uk for seed saving advice.

Please click here to view the event flyer and click here to view all the details you’ll need to attend. Do give us a call on 020 7481 9004 or email food@wen.org.uk to book in. We look forward to seeing you!

Bid to become City of Tower Hamlets

The Muslim Women's Collective is supporting the Tower Hamlets Council bid for city status as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012.

The council is throwing its hat in the ring with full backing from Canary Wharf Group, local businesses and community groups and sees itself as a strong contender up against the likes of Middlesbrough, Blackpool and Reading.

The Mayor believes city status will bring a raft of benefits to the area and put Tower Hamlets firmly on the map as a unique, vibrant and exciting place to live, work and visit.

City status will enhance and unify the many diverse aspects of our borough: including our arts and creative industries, cultural centres, historic visitor attractions and economic hubs.

The accolade will also pay homage to the borough's rich and fascinating East End heritage.

The history of the nation is reflected in this borough from the Tower of London to the Docks which traded with every corner of the earth. The borough has been home to successive groups of immigrants and continues to play this pivotal role as new communities make their home here and thrive together.

The borough boasts an unrivalled history of social reform with the first ever social housing built in Tower Hamlets on the Boundary Estate. Prominent local politicians who campaigned for equality included George Lansbury, Clement Attlee and William Crooks.

As a young borough, Tower Hamlets made itself heard on important issues shaping national policies and reform.

This is an ideal opportunity for the borough to demonstrate both our pride in our heritage, values and community, and our aspiration to play a major role in the future of the country.

Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman said: "I feel being a city would be a fantastic boost to the borough and really show what we have to offer. We are unique in that we have a thriving business and shopping district in Canary Wharf, an innovative arts scene, a first-rate university on our doorstep in Queen Mary, and a vibrant community spirit, which has embraced different groups of people throughout our history".

City status is available for only one local authority area in the UK in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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