Muslimaat UK was formed in the eighties in response to this Quranic call:

'Who is better in speech than the one who calls (mankind) to Allah, works righteousness and says "I am of those who bow in Islam' 41:33

Established by a small group of young Muslim women,with the aim to bring about an Islamic change in society by working with other Muslim women and the native women of Britain.

Our Method

*  Inviting women to Islam as a comprehensive and balanced way of life

*  Organising and inviting women in order to work together for the benefit of society.

*  Providing spiritual, intellectual and physical training.

Through these methods the aim is to change the disastrous conditions of the Muslim Community for the better.  Responding to the call of Allah in this fashion will gain us the pleasure of our Lord and success in this world and in the hereafter.

Our Work

In recognition of this fact, we have initiated many circles up and down the country. While our work has expanded to places such as Manchester Oldham and Sheffield it has the same time evolved to cater and tailor for the differing needs of young women in those areas. Sisters in Muslimaat UK are encouraged to harness their individual skills and strengths to deliver a whole range of activities, these include:

*  Weekly study circles & Quran classes

*  Women's only sports & recreational programmes

*  Youth conferences & public seminars islam awareness activities, exhibitions & open days

*  Seminars for non and new Muslims

*  Muslim Summer School

*  Charity fundraising events

*  Social gatherings

Working for Unity

Muslimaat UK works with other like minded organisations and hence is closely working with Islamic Forum Europe (IFE) and Young Muslim Organisation (YMO UK). We are also a member of Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and have close links with many national as well as international organisations.

And finally...
Muslimaat UK is committed to bring about an Islamic change in society.We are committed to continue our struggle to assist women to realise their full potential and contribute to the emerging success of Islam. We want to help our sisters deal with and find solutions to issues such as drug abuse, prostitution, abortions and of the like.

Address & Information


3rd floor, West Wing

London Muslim Centre

38 – 44 Whitechapel Road


E1 1JX

Contact:    Mahera Ruby


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